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Dining rooms

A dining rooms is a place for the whole family, so it is vital to make it comfortable and with a nice setting and climate.
Elite furniture for dining room from Royal Interni – is nice and comfortable, it fits the whole of the room and flat interiors.

Drawing rooms

One of the European traditions adopted in Russia is reception of guests in a drawing room. A drawing room has become a place for celebrating of notable events, such as a birthday party or just to have a drink or two with old friends. Royal Interni offers a wide variety of and definitely top quality, stylish and subtle drawing rooms.


Everyone starts and ends each day with a bathroom. Royal Interni offers its luxury elite furniture for bathrooms and this furniture demonstrates subtlety, elegance of style, reliability and versatility, it creates for you a nice sensation of cosiness, tranquility and comfort.

Halls, lobbies

How to furnish your hall to make it clear for guests that: An ingenious person lives here with exquisite sense of humour and style? At least a minimum amount of furniture has to be installed to make the interior carrying any sense in itself rather than be just a set of objects, and this is a complicated but a fascinating job, and Royal Inerni hall furniture sets will help you to cope up with the job.

Meeting rooms

A meeting room, a library, an executive office will emphasize the solidity, presentability and respectability image to be portrayed. Royal Interni offers its thoroughly designed and fabricated suites of furniture to keep you satisfied about the top quality of the company products and services.

Billiards rooms

Furniture for pool halls offered by Royal Interni is distinguished by top quality and original design. Such furniture for pool halls is intended to decorate the interior and make the pool a real aesthetic enjoyment rather than merely an entertainment.


Bedrooms from Royal Interni &ndash are designed to bring cosiness and enjoyment; this is en excellent combination of top quality, uniformity of style and diversity of materials used. To make your home reflect your rich inner world and to make you feel cosy, warm and enjoy your home – start with the setting of your bedroom, while we shall be a good assistant for you in this job.

Furniture made of solid wood

Custom-built solid wood furniture — the service proivided by Royal Interni in close interaction with the customer. Therewith we take into account all propositions, intents and preferences of our customer with regard to the order execution

Elite furniture is not only designed to express one?s individual taste. It has to be also top quality furniture, to be able to make a person to positively perceive a home from the one side, and the owner thereof— from the other side.

Therefore, we pay the most close attention to the manufacturing process.

Our technology used for manufacture of solid wood furniture is based on the use of:

  • the potential capacity of our in-house manufacturing facility ;
  • of the most advanced process equipment;
  • integrated program control;
  • the most extensive experience accumulated by our employees.

The synergy of all aforesaid components secures prompt and high quality execution of orders.

We propose a wide selection of components and materials. All of the aforesaid components enable us to execute the most unusual and interesting orders of our clients, and also to — resolve the most complicated design tasks.



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