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Architectural and construction design bureau

S.Yu. Sizova/ Chef Architect-Designer of the projects, Head of the architectural and construction bureau in Royal Interni The architectural and construction bureau ‘ROYAL INTERNI’ solves all issues of internal finishing of the premises (apartments, cottages, offices) «of ?turnkey? type ».

  • We will develop and think over the layout, compile a sketch up to the budget and design documents and subsequent finishing, supply the necessary materials, equipment, furniture and other items of interior.
  • Our bureau will take full responsibility for the process and result. We are sure that comprehensive approach and vast and profound analysis are the mandatory part of creation of inimitable and original projects.


There are only professional architects, designers and finishers working in our team, and they implement projects of whatever complexity with respect of all wishes of our customers.

  • Our specialists focus on simplicity, functionality, innovations, economic feasibility and, of course, design.
  • We are in constant contact with our customers on all steps of the design process. The key values of the customer is our main priority, and implementation of his desires is our goal which will be reached for sure.
  • We try to perform our works with maximal saving, and we use the material range as a filter for ideas. This helps to clearly set the priorities and achieve the required result without prejudice to our customers.

Lead Designer. Valery Nikolaevich Yanovsky


Our bureau ‘ROYAL INTERNI’ is not a member of whatever construction companies and exists as a full separate service.

  • In our relations with construction departments we clearly distinguish our functions which enables to set up a reliable cooperation and increase quality of the final result.
  • We attract technical services of Moscow to agree our projects.
  • We provide visualizer?s services which will enable you to estimate high professionalism of our architectural and construction bureau.

In case of questions please contact +7 (968) 528-55-11 or mail to expo@royalinterni.ru.



<p style=" align=" center"="" align="center">We guarantee the deadlines, high-quality result and legitimacy of all our projects.



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