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Royal Interni elite furniture factory

Snezhana Sizova, General Director of Royal InterniDear ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks to the Furniture factory ROYAL INTERNI, for several years already the craftsmanship traditions have been witnessing matchless skill and profound ardour of those who shapes wood creating unique and exclusive interiors and furnishing any room with taste and refinement.

Furniture – color palette, materials selection, shape – is subject to interior fashion ? be it not so swift-flowing as that on a podium ? but equally influential. With certain success our furniture factory is striving to adapt our products following customers of various ages and social status. Rich and harmonious colors, elegant and captivating contours, alluring shapes of every other item make   «ROYAL INTERNI» the brand of the highest level for everyday life ? be it a private house, apartment or a hotel.

"ROYAL INTERNI" has its own production facilities in Moscow equipped with new modern   imported programmable machinery.
During  manufacture  of furniture the state-of-the-art technologies are used which   guarantees  impeccable quality of the products and swift order execution.

Big choice of materials   and  OEM components enable the customer to choose   his own style of execution. The assortment and design of final products depends only on the customer?s   fantasy. Our furniture factory ROYAL INTERNI will have pleasure to make your dream real.

Best regards, General Director LLC " FURNITURE FACTORY ROYAL INTERNI " Snezhana Yu. Sizova.


Why we?

Precise deadlines.
Our factory has cut to a minimum dependence of furniture manufacture on partner companies and achieved strict observance of the delivery deadlines.
This means that if a customer wants to have his set of furniture, e.g. on Friday, he will have it exactly on this day. This is a hard-and-fast rule we can follow due to the resources we have.

Orders of any volume .
The company can always execute big orders. The proven «assurance factor » of the production facilities enables us to increase furniture production volumes at any time. This is why we are the desired partners for the customer who need a full set of furniture at a certain deadline for a private house or several apartments.

Original design and reasonable internal structure .
There is the in-house design department in «Royal Interni» We thoroughly elaborate the construction and design of any item in keeping with our client preferences and future operating conditions. We always stay current in trends of furniture design. The factory manufactures only original, ?fresh? up-to-date specimens of furniture.

Impeccable quality .
All furniture production operations at «Royal Interni» are performed in strict correspondence with the technology and on the relevant equipment. We produce the furniture which holds out for a higher quality of the best imported items.

High-quality materials and OEM components.
The basis of our furniture are the materials and the OEM components of the leading foreign supplying companies we have been cooperating with for many years. In the custom-built furniture everything is thoroughly thought of: any of the elements (from the facades to the handles and hinges) is the result of serious selection among similar products. This is why we can assure you of quality and reliability of our furniture.

Wide price range.
You can order furniture which will be not only for your taste, but your budget, too. Our prices are far lee than those of the other manufacturers of the similar products.

Do you want to order  a kitchen suite or smart furniture for your cabinet? Call right now or come to the design-studio «Royal Interni».



Manufacture of custom-built kitchen suites in Moscow

Elite furniture for dining rooms from Royal Interni

 Manufacture of custom-built kitchen suites in Moscow

 Elite custom-built furniture for bathrooms in Moscow

Our craftsmen build furniture in the styles of art deco, Empire, baroque, Jacob, etc.
Among the whole assortment every customer may find the item which will become a surprising and harmonious decoration of his home. A unique combination of style and beauty along with comfort and reliability make the interior items from «Royal Interni» the quality standard. For us the most important thing is creation of the interior items that for years will become the soul of a home, decoration and pleasure for their owners.

Today we are fully responsible to say that we are ready to fulfill a task of any complexity, for manufacture of exclusive furniture became our main lifework. Our specialists with long-year experience regularly visit professional seminars and trainings aimed at raising their skills. Such approach to the personnel training allows us to always provide ?de-lux? services precisely meeting all the customers? desires and on time.

Our furniture production facility also cooperates with private customers and is involved in manufacturing of furniture and interiors for public places: bars, restaurants, casinos, banks. We are always ready to offer a complex manufacture of furniture and interior items ? administrative, bank reception stands, wall and ceiling panels, radiator grilles, portals, columns, pilasters, as well as furniture for conference-halls, tribunes.



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